The Laureates Of The Schnobel Prize Are Announced

In the US, called the names of scientists who were awarded the Schnobev Prize.

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In the area of ​​Anatomy, the victory went to the French for "the temperature asymmetry of the scrotum at nude and dressed people". Award in the field of engineering business – Iranian Iman Farabakhshu, who patented the apparatus for changing diapers.

The award in the nomination "Chemistry" boasts the Japanese professor who calculated the volume of saliva, daily allocated by a child at the age of five. Experiments Japanese spent on his own children.

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In the nomination "Psychology" defeated a German scientist for the correlation between the handle inserted into his mouth and the level of happiness. Finally, the Peace Prize was awarded to researchers from the UK and Singapore for measuring the level of pleasure that a person who was able to scratch the itchy place.

It is noteworthy that against the background of many frankly absurd studies, who were honored by the Schnobel Prize, there are quite interesting works. For example, last year, British researchers from Brighton University received rewards in the field of nutrition for the work, which it was proved that the cannibalism during the Paleolithic period could not give the ancestors Homo Sapiens of the necessary nutrient elements in sufficient quantities.

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