The Mystery Of The Architectural Skill Of Termites Is Revealed

Despite the tiny sizes, termites are able to move hundreds and thousands of kilograms of the soil, removing their huge – especially by their standards – member. It turns out extremely reliable and efficient structures with a working system of internal ventilation and maintaining climate, with galleries and floors. At the same time, no insect has a clear construction plan: everything happens due to self-organization.A-Giraffe-Walks-Behand-A-termite-Mound-in-the-bushland-of-the-okavango-delta-in-botswana-1600x1066
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Memnotes Would Incorrectly Compare with Buildings – These Are Whole Cities Reaching 10 M in Height and 15 m in Diameter, With Countless Tunnels and Corridors, Halls and Galleries. Scientists Suggest That The Are Not Growning As A Result of the Implementation of the Predetermined Plan, But Due To Self-Organization, Like Branching Crowns of Trees. However, Exactly What Termites Are ACHIEved, It Was Incomprehensible.

In His New Study, Christian Joste (Christian Jost) and His Colleagues from French University of Toulouse Used X-Ray To "Enlighten" The Member and Identify All The Details of their Internal Structure. The Buildings Of Three Different Births of African Termiters Were Studied (Cubitermes, Thoracotermes and Procubitermes), The Dwellings of Which Are Very Little Similar to Each Other: Mushrooms from Cubitermes, Thoracotermes Columns and Cones-Shaped Surfactants. Butt, As The Author of the New Work Showed, Construction Concepts Are Always The Same. INSECT DOES NOT REQUIRE A COMMON IEA, NOR ITEAS ABOUT THE DEVICE OF THEIR AMAZING HOUSING – IT IS ENOUGH TO FOLLOW THE SET OF NON-GOOD RULES.

The Solid Begins with One Tunnel Ending The First Hall. Further Construction IS Based On Simple Rules: The Tunnels Always Grow From the Halls, But The New Moves Begin to Dig. This Is Achieved Due to the Gradual Weakening Of Chemical Signals That The Builders Leave.

The Length and Direction of the Tunnel Is The Case, in General, Random, But, Overlooking The Course Already Done, IT Ends and Never Passes Through IT. Each Tunnel Either Breaks Down in This Way, Or Ends With A New Hall. Closely Located to Each Other Halls Are Combined Into One, And Unused Tunnels Are Close – The Builders Also Report Chemical Signals. Note That Such A Principle Resembles The Organization of Transport Networks and In Ants: Everything Happens More OR Less Randomly, Butd With The Help of Chemical Tags, And Lessted "Forgotten".

Based On these Rules, Scientists Accounted for A Mathematical Model And Calculated The Mass of the Structures of the Fracturs, And The Mass of Their Virtual Buildings with Approximately Semi-Secondary Real Structures That Were Installed Using X-Rayoscopy. The Coincidence Turned Out to Be Wonderful. "The new work shows that relatively simple behavioral algorithms, to perform which the termit-builder requires only ideas about the current local environment, allow you to create a kind of architecture, without central coordination or a detailed plan of construction," said Christian Jos.

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