The Nasa Interplanetary Station Approached The Benn Asteroid


In the Space Agency, they believe that the asteroid may once face the Earth.

The Nasa Interplanetary Station Approached The Benn Asteroid
Operation Plan / NASA

Benno’s study is interested in scientists not only because of a possible collision, but also because he is able to tell about the evolution of the solar system. Such asteroids like Benno, very old and rich in carbon, and therefore they are considered as sources of the birth of life on Earth in the theory of Panxermia. They could make amino acids to our planet billions of years ago, because of what the evolution of life began. Benno samples will help to make a more definite judgment about this hypothesis.

In June, astronomers opened a double asteroid near the ground. This discovery was particularly surprised by scientists, because both parts of the asteroid almost the same size – approximately 900 meters in the diameter. Prior to that, it was possible to detect only three other "ideal" couples.

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