The Swedish Scientist Suggested That There Is A Human Flesh To Resist Global Warming

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Scientist Magnus Soderlund (Magnus Soderlund) from the Stockholm School of Economics, speaking at the Gastro summit held in Stockholm, offered an unusual strategy in the fight against global climate change: there is human flesh. The specialist believes that the use of this meat obtained from the corpses could save humanity if only the world society was more open to this idea.

The argument about human cannibalism has become one of the main ideas in the discussion. Some of the topics for discussion at the seminar included questions about whether people can "live steadily", and can cannibalism solve the problem of food security in the foreseeable future. According to the gender, "conservative taboi against cannibalism" over time can go off on "no": for this, according to a scientist, it is enough just to try human meat.

To the question during the interview, whether he personally will personally use human flesh, the statiston said that it was opened for this idea. Despite certain indecision, he is ready to drop "conservatism". The researcher added that dishes from pets and insects while consider a more real option than eating human flesh.

In the material of New York POST, it does not say exactly how exactly the gallants want to use cannibalism to counter climatic changes. It is known that breeding of ruminant animals has a very big impact on global warming due to the development of animals in the intestine of about 18% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gases.

History shows that cannibalism is potentially dangerous to health. One of the tribes in Papua New Guinea practiced the eating the dead as a ritual. Cultural practice led to an epidemic of the disease, called Kuru – Prion Disease. It is characterized by the difficulties of walking, rude ataxia, myoclonia, chorea and a decrease in muscle tone, as well as dementia, converging squint and dysarthri. With the Eradication of Cannibalism, Kuru Practically Disappeared.

Previously, The Explorer James Cole Statedt That The Cannibalism Does Not Make Sense Due To the Low Calorie Content in Human Flesh.

Recall, Not So Long Ago, Scientists Have Concluded That The Increase In Temperature Increases The Likeliahood Of Cannibalism. The Conclusions Were Obtained on The Basis of the Analysis of The Behavior of the Analysis of The Behavior of Dragonfly, However, According to Scientists, They Can Be Applied to Various BioLogical Species.

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