The Temperature Of The World Ocean Reached Record Values


Previous year has become a record for the temperature of the World Ocean. If she continues to rise, it does not promise anything good.The Temperature Of The World Ocean Reached Record Values
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In the new material published in the Advances magazine in Atmospheric Sciences, it is argued that in 2018 the temperature of the oceans reached the highest marks from the time of accurate measurements that began to be conducted in the 1950s.

Increased temperature of the World Ocean in the period from 2017 (former record indicators) to 2018 approximately 388 times higher than the overall heat release in China in 2017, according to a study published by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At a depth of up to two thousand meters, the temperature of the World Ocean was calculated using data from different measuring devices, such as Argo – a set of three floating instruments measuring the temperature and salt concentration in water.

Following the 2018 and 2017, the third hottest year for ocean temperatures is considered 2015, behind him – 2016, and the top five leaders of the 2014th is closed. And this is our fault.

Changing the temperature of the World Ocean is a good way to realize the influence of human activity on the planet, as most of the heat concentrated in greenhouse gases is absorbed by the oceans.

Ocean warming can have long-term consequences. With water heating, the levels of temperature and humidity of the air also increase, which can lead to an increased frequency and duration of storms and torrential rains, as approved in the work.

Increased ocean temperatures can also speed up the melting of sea ice, which will lead to an increase in sea level and more frequent cases of coastal flood. Increased temperatures can reduce oxygen levels in water, which may result in so-called dead zones in which plants and animals will not survive. If the surface of the ocean is heated by two degrees Celsius in this century, 99% of the land coral reef will fool, because of which they will be more susceptible to diseases.

"New data, together with a large volume of literature, serve as an additional cave – both for governments and for the public – that we live in the age of inevitable global warming," says the lead author of the study of Vizhin Cheng, Associate Professor at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. – warming already harms economics and society ".

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