Tokyo Airport On The Eve Of The Olympics Tests A Unmanned Bus Connecting Two Terminals


Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo next year, and one of the tools that will help the owners to take a huge number of people at airports must be unmanned minibuses.Tokyo Airport On The Eve Of The Olympics Tests A Unmanned Bus Connecting Two Terminals
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People who will arrive in the Japanese Handa Airport (HANEDA) at the Tokyo Olympics next year, can be able to get on the plane not on ordinary running buses, but on special unmanned shuttles, which are currently tested in the main center. The capital of Japan will face a massive influx of foreign guests, and, as the leaders of the experimental project are hoped, autonomous buses can fill the shortage of staff.

Six Japanese companies, including the National Carrier Ana, began a joint ten-day experiment with a micro-buse prototype without a driver. Justice to clarify that the driver in such buses is still there. He sits in the front seat in white gloves, bringing hands above the steering wheel, ready to take on the management of a minibus at any time if necessary, but otherwise – allowing the bus to lauginate the route yourself.

"We hope that we can offer residents of Japan and its guests offline buses to the Olympiad in Tokyo in 2020. The reduction in the population is at risk of impossibility to carry out operations, and that is why we are now striving to introduce new autonomous mobility technologies to ensure good operations with a smaller number of personnel, "says the head of Ana Tadakatsu Yamaguchi.

The unmanned vehicle accommodates a maximum of 10 people and runs along the route connecting two terminals at a distance of 600 meters away at a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour, using GPS and magnetic markers on the road. In Japan, The 2020 Games Will Provide The Opportunity to Demonstrate Advanced Technological Projects of the Country, Where Autonomous Transport IS Considered One Of the Important Sectors. IT IS Known That The Country of the Rising Sun Is Experiency A Shrinking Of Labor, and Its Shrinking Population Will Inevitably Become Old.

AT The Same Time, Project Leaders Did Not Disclose The Details of How Much The Development and Implementation of A Similar System Coold Cost, As Well AS The Number of People, They Eventually Plan to Carry in Such Buses.

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