Trump Offered Nasa Unlimited Budget Instead For Sending People To Mars


In the instance of the preliminary insider report on the activities of the Trmpa administration, it is argued that the current US President offered unlimited funding to the acting NASA head, if you manage to send people to the Red Planet until the end of its first term.Trump Offered Nasa Unlimited Budget Instead For Sending People To Mars
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A few months after the entry into the position of Donald Trump, as reported, asked the acting acting head of NASA, will the space agency can send a piloted mission to Mars to the end of its first term. In exchange, as stated, he suggested unlimited financing.

"What if I gave you all the money you need? – Presumably asked Trump. – What if we unrealized the NASA budget, but focused only on this, instead of anything, what do you do now. Then it would work?"

These words are given in the TEAM OF VIPERS copies – a report on the activities of the Trump administration from the former Assistant of the White House of Cliff Sims, – received by New York Magazine.

According to the publication, Trump offered money to the space agency on April 24, 2017, in a few moments before the call to the International Space Station, organized in order for the President to congratulate the Astronaut Pegg Winston with a record for the longer stay in space among Americans.

While Sims and other representatives of the agency, including the acting head of NASA Robert Lightfut – the younger, introduced the Trump to the case, he began to be distracted and suddenly asked Lightfut:

"What are your plans about Mars?"

According to the report, Lightfoot tried to explain to the president that an incredible preparation is needed for the mission to the Red Planet, and, according to NASA’s schedule, the sending of a person for Mars has been pre-appointed in the 2030s.

In the above report, it is argued that after that, Trump was upset and suggested Laitfut a deal: unlimited financing in return for a very short time.

Lightfoot apologized, but said that, in his opinion, it is hardly possible, leaving the Trump "noticeably disappointed". However, as Sims writes, after a few minutes the president cheered up, preparing for a call in front of the mirror.

"Space station," he said to his reflection, is your president ".

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