“Tsar Monkeys” Began Searching For Dark Matter


Chinese Wukong Space Telescope, Launched Into Space to Search for Dark Matter, Last Thursday Sent The First Data to Earth.“Tsar Monkeys” Began Searching For Dark Matter
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Space Telescopter Satellite Was Launched A Week Ago. HIS Official Name Dampe (Dark Matter Particle Explorer), But The Telescope Also Received the Chinese Name Wukong in Honor of King Monkeys – A Character of the Classic Chinese Novel "Travel to West". The Purpose of the Satellite Is to Observe The High-Energy Particles of the Conventional Substance and The Photons of Gamma Radiation, Which May Appear AS A Result of the Decay of the Elusive Particles of Dark Matter.

According to Xinhua, On the season of the seater of the Six O’Clock In The Evening Local Time, Sent The First Data to the National Center for Space Science At The Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Suburb Of Beijing. "Everything Looks Perfect. The Accuracy of the Telescope Guidance and Stability of the Satellite Were Sevel Times Higher Than Was Predicted When Creating, "Said The Leading Scientist Dampe Chang Zhin. According to the SCIENTIST, The Satellite IS NOW IN ORBIT 500 KM ABOVE THE EARTH, IN A WEEK HE MANAGED TO Fly Around The Planet More Thanz.

We will remind, as reported by Science Geniue, Dampe is one of five large-scale scientific space missions that are implemented today in China. Two More Devices Are Scheduled to Be Launched in the COMING 2016. The First Of thesee Will Allow You to Test The Quantum Communications Technologies Between The Earth and the Orbita, and the seconde to Observe Emissions in The Vicinity of Black Holes.

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