Twenty-Four F-22 Fighters Reached The “Elephant Walk”

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The Power Of The US Air Force Is Displayed in New Photos Showing A High Level of Coherence in The Actions of the American Military.

Twenty-Four F-22 Fighters Reached The “Elephant Walk”
F-22 ON EXERCISES / © Thedrive

The Basis of the Tactical Power Of The Comedes Will Be The New F-35 Fighter, Which Gradually Gives All the New OpportUnities for the Damage To Air and Ground Targets. Earlier It Became Known Increase The Pentagon Intends to Sharply Increase The Percussion Potential Of The Newest Fifth Generation Fighters F-35A, Making A Kind of Universal Attack Aircraft from them by Applying The New Version of the Aargm-Er Anti-Cancel Rocket.

Recall, NOT SO Long Ago Adopted The Latest Version of F-35 – F-35C.

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