Ukraine Decided To Build A Floating Cosmodrome

Ukraine May in the Future to Acquire A Floating Platform to Launch Missiles.755211402079193
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On plans to create a floating cosmodrome with reference to Ukrinform reported "Newspaper.Ru ». According to the general director of Yuzhmash Sergey Lot, the platform can be designed by the engineers of the Kherson State Plant "Pallada", which has experience in creating docks.

The platform, according to Sergey Light, can be created on the territory adjacent to the Crimea of ​​the Kherson region. In this case, it did not call specific design terms.

Now Ukraine can produce cosmic rocket carriers, but does not have its own cosmodrome, making a bet on cooperation with other countries in this area. Nearest plans of Ukrainian missile builders are associated with the launch of missiles from the Russian private floating cosmodrome SEA Launch.

However, already in the foreseeable future, the owners of the "marine start" intend to replace the Ukrainian missiles "Zenit" to the new Russian rocket, performed on the basis of "Union-5".

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