Ukraine Presented A New Version Of T-72 Tank

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Ukrainian engineers once again upgraded the pride of Soviet tank construction – the main combat tank (OTT) T-72. The car received the designation T-72AMT.

Ukraine Presented A New Version Of T-72 Tank
T-72Mot / © Sergian Sging

Instead of the engine in-46, installed in-84-1. The protection of the OBT has grown: the car was equipped with a complex of dynamic protection with partial use of elements of the Knife complex. Protective lattices appeared in the back of the tower and housing. On the roof – 12.7-mm anti-aircraft gun with remote control: the same was used on the T-64B tank. In addition to all this, new rear-view video cameras installed on the tank.

Experts reservedly appreciated the new creation of the Ukrainian MIC. In particular, they pointed to the use of rather old devices produced, which is interesting, in Belarus and the Russian Federation. Also noticeably the decision to use the Russian engine in-84-1 – the same installed on T-72B3. Apparently, from the use of Kharkov diesel engines had to refuse. In general, the unofficial and informal blog of the BMPD strategy strategy and technology analysis center called Serial Modernization of T-72A to the level of T-72AMT "Doubtful". According to military analysts, most likely, in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will escape an even more economical version of modernization.

As of 2017, Ukraine has more than 600 T-72 tanks of different modifications, but only about 70 of these industries consist in service. The main Ukrainian tank is T-64. Also, the ground forces of Ukraine operate a small number T-80.

Recall that, perhaps, the loudest "sensation" from the Ukrainian MCC was the information on the development of a new tank "Tyrus", having a uninhabited remotely managed tower.

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