Us And Russia Approached The Exchange Of Places On Spacecraft


The US State Department Sent A Project Involving A Barter Scheme for Using Manned Spacecraft for Flights To the Iss. Us And Russia Approached The Exchange Of Places On Spacecraft
Crew Dragon / © Spacex

Between The Russian Space and Nasa Are Negotiations on the Exchange Of Places on the Ships. As It Became Known, The Appropriate Draft Agreement Was Sent for Approval To The US State Department. Aftert That, The Agreement Will Consider The Russian Side.

NASA will no longer pay Russia for seats on the Soyuz ships. Instead, the US space department can provide Russian cosmonauts with the opportunity to use new ships Crew Dragon and CST-100.

According to the representative of NASA Katie Luders, as part of the agreement may begin to act a rule for which each mission will assume the participation of a representative of another segment.

Recall, today, at 03:27 (MSK), there was a launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft within the first in its history of the operational mission to the ISS. Four new crew members went to the international station: three Americans and Astronaut from Japan. The next launch of the new ship is previously scheduled for March 2021.

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