Us Will Present An Unmanned Combat Ship

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US will show a unique combat ship that will act without a crew. Earlier, we will remind, the unmanned modification of the Russian tank T-90.Us Will Present An Unmanned Combat Ship
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American Research Defense Agency Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) will present the ship on April 7 of this year. The main feature is the lack of crew. So we have a unique robotic complex. The program received ACTUV name (ASW Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel). The main task of the ship is to track a submarine. And we are talking primarily about diesel-electric submarines. There is no such boot in service with the US fleet, but Russia and many other countries continue to actively use them.

The length of the ACTUV will be 40 meters, and its weight will be equal to 140 tons. So it will be the largest of unmanned ships. For the search for a submarine is supposed to use active echolocation. It is believed that ACTUV will also be able to neutralize maritime mines and used to deliver goods.

The main question can be formulated like this: "Why was decided to build exactly drone?"It may seem strange, however, according to Darpa, this approach has significantly reduced the solution of some tasks. "Imaginate an unmanned aerial ship, independently adhering to all marine laws. It will work together with conventional ships and unmanned underwater vehicles, "said in the agency.

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ACTUV is a trimaran that will be manufactured using the latest composites. Earlier it was reported that the ship will be able to track submarines independently for several months. The creators have endowed it with a special modular design that allows you to quickly and relatively easy to replace the failed equipment.

Not only the United States, but also other countries are actively developing unmanned marine complexes. So, the company from Israel Elbit Systems is working on a project called Seagull. We are talking about a 12-meter boat that can be used to combat mines and submarines. Boat will be able to operate autonomously for four days.

Robotization affects not only aviation and ships, but also ground equipment. In Russia, for example, work is underway to create an unmanned T-90 tank, which can be controlled by remotely. "Now we need not tankers, but players from worldoftanks.RU, "said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on this issue (in joke, of course).

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