Virgin Galactic Brought The Passenger On The Near-Wing Height

The company’s competitor argues that the height achieved is not enough for the present space flight.

Bet Moses in Cabin / © Virgin Galactic

However, there is also a reverse side. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, which is also aimed at creating a branch of cosmic tourism, previously skeptical to the possibilities of Virgin Galactic. According to him, one of the competitor’s problems is that it is not going to overcome the line of the pocket (height above sea level, equal to 100 kilometers, which is conditionally accepted as a border between the atmosphere of the Earth and Space). At the same height, an ordinary aviation flight is impossible – it is necessary that the device moves to the first space speed.

Bezos owns Blue Origin, which competes from Virgin Galactic. He assured that their ship flies at an altitude of 106 kilometers. Representatives ItSelf Have Previously Reported That The Intend To Send A Person to Space this year.

Before Timing Of The First Launch of Starliner to the Iss. The Exact Date of the Start Is Not Yet Known, But The Company Assured That They Are Going to Spend It in March. Test Flight Crew Dragon From Spacex IS Scheduled for March 2.

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