Walk Through Ruins Npp


Timelaps video about the unfinished NPP "Satop".Walk Through Ruins Npp
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Photographer from Los Angeles Andrew Walker (Andrew Walker) specializes in TimeLaps-shooting. His last work Atomic RUIN is devoted to the unfinished NPP "SatSop" (Satsop) located in the village of the village in the west of Washington state.

According to the original plans, the station "Satop" should consist of two power units with water reactors. Her construction was started in 1977 and continued 6 years. After that, the construction was frozen due to lack of funds in the budget. The construction of the NPP was never resumed, and she became a kind of local landmark.

The author of the video notes that he did not leave him on the unfinished station on a unfinished station, as if he wanders inside some kind of alien structure. Mystery of this place also attached unique acoustics.

© Andrew Walker / Vimeo

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