Western Culture Accused Of Spreading Grand Narcissism


Experts came to the conclusion that Western culture is directly related to the spread of narcissism – self-love and overestimated self-esteem. It is noteworthy that the conclusions were obtained on the basis of the analysis of representatives of one nation.Western Culture Accused Of Spreading Grand Narcissism
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Differences in the mentality of residents of Asia and Europe will be visible even to a person, very far from public sciences. It is often necessary to hear that collectivism dominates in the east, while more individualistic character traits are characterized for West. Recently, scientists are paying more and more attention to the analysis of peoples, which for one reason or another were divided. For example, compare the society of North and South Korea or the former GDR and FRG.

Stefan Röpke (Stefan Röpke) from Berlin’s Medical University and his colleagues believe that it is the separation of Germany gives a unique opportunity to conduct an analysis of social values. As you know, after the Second World War, the winning countries divided the country to two parts: capitalist and socialist. Now scientists have conducted a large-scale anonymous online survey of 1025 Germans born in different regions of Germany. The resulting conclusions were very curious.

It turned out that the worldview of a person who had reached the five-year-old age by the time of the union of Germany, he was very different depending on whether he was born in Germany or GDR. According to the obtained conclusions, people born in the socialist part of Germany, people are less susceptible to self-deception and narcissism, but at the same time have a higher self-esteem. This is primarily about T. N. "Grand Narcissism" – he is characterized by extrovership, the desire to stand out and attract attention. Sometimes grand narcissism is called the "hypertrophied sense of their own superiority".

The described addiction was particularly pronounced by the example of those who were from 6 to 18 years old by 1990. The mentality of the elderly Germans demonstrates the pronounced relationship between the place of birth and narcissism, but not self-esteem.

It is noteworthy that the connection between narcissistic features and the birthside was almost not observed in modern German youth, which, according to scientists, speaks of the total dominance of Western culture in the German society. The authors of the study themselves indicate the possible connection of "collectivism" inhabitants of the GDR with financial difficulties that could force people to unite.

It is extremely interesting that the conclusions of scientists are not joined with a popular point of view, according to which the "collective" mentality reduces self-esteem. An explanation of this can be the fact that these conclusions researchers received in the analysis of residents of Asian countries, whose mentality is very different from the mentality of the inhabitants of the GDR and FRG.

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