What Threat Carries A Comet Siding Spring?


Comet C2013 / A1 Siding Spring may threaten the NASA Martian grouping. Comet particles can destroy the orbital. Such an opinion, in particular, expressed NASA’s expert Rich Zurek (Rich Zurek).

What Threat Carries A Comet Siding Spring?

Flight orbit Comet C2013 / A1 in the Solar System / © NASA / JPL-Caltech

Now in the orbit of Mars is the automatic station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Mars Odyssey orbital apparatus. Very soon they will complement artificial satellite Mars Atmosphereand Voltile Evolution. It is these spacecraft that can threaten the danger. According to NASA’s specialist Richa Zurek (Rich Zurek), the danger is not comet itself, but the "garbage", located in the tail Siding Spring.

Currently, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Odyssey have already conducted orbital maneuvering to minimize the risk. It became known that the devices want to use and for a detailed analysis of the comet. In the spotlight of scientists: core siding Spring, her tail, as well as coma surrounding core. In addition, scientists want to explore how the atmosphere of Mars will affect such a close passage of siding Spring.

What Threat Carries A Comet Siding Spring?

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in the artist’s representation / © NASA

Recall, comet Siding Spring was opened by Australian scientists. Maknot January 3, 2013. The discovery was made in the Siding Spring Observatory – 0.5-meter Slmidt Telescope came to the aid of astronomers.

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